Kigali hangs out ‘Fully Booked’ sign as the ADB AGM heads to Rwanda


(Posted 14th May 2014)

Anyone planning to visit Kigali, the Rwandan capital, between the 19th and 23rd of May, and in fact the immediate days prior and afterwards, better have confirmed hotel reservations at hand, since the city will be full of delegates from across Africa who are coming to the Land of a Thousand Hills for the African Development Bank annual summit meeting.

The influx of visitors has completely absorbed every available bed in the city’s hotels and equally have all the conference spaces been booked solid for weeks now to cater for the number of plenary and breakout sessions, many of which will not fit into the Kigali Serena’s Conference Centre but have to use alternatives in other hotels across the city.

Rwanda, in order to cater for such large scale conferences, is pushing ahead to complete their national convention centre, next to which a new hotel is also coming up, due to be managed by Radisson Blue.

Tourism operators and airlines have expressed their satisfaction with the booking situation, with airline seats into Rwanda equally booked to the limit while safari operators have been selling pre and post conference tours into the three national parks as well as to Lake Kivu’s scenic shorelines.

It is understood that public and private sector, the RDB’s Tourism and Conservation Department and RTTA and its membership have regularly met in past weeks to make sure all arrangements are taken care of and all logistics in place for transport from the airport to the hotels and beyond for conference delegates.

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  1. Great opportunity for the land of a thousand hills. Africa is awakening indeed. I am sure the delegates will enjoy the their time. God bless the event.

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