UHOA elects new Chairperson


(Posted 15th May 2014)

The just concluded Annual General Meeting of the Uganda Hotel Owners Association has seen a change of guard at the helm of the lobby group, with Mrs. Susan Muhwezi taking over as Chairperson from long service Mr. Kibirige, owner of the Africana Hotel in Kampala.

Muhwezi in her acceptance speech asked members of UHOA to work more closely in the future with other sub sectors of the tourism industry to form a more cohesive unit, while also urging them to offer special package deals during the low season, when lesser numbers of tourists leave many rooms empty. Additionally she urged the UHOA membership to cooperate with government in the long overdue grading and classification of hotels, which should finally bring Uganda into compliance with East African Community agreements on how to best harmonize the regulatory regime in the tourism and hospitality sectors across the region.

The Hotel Owners Association has in the past stood aside from the national tourism apex body Uganda Tourism Association, under which umbrella the sub sector association are united, and industry observers have expressed cautious optimism that with the change in leadership at UHOA this deliberate segregation can now be mended and UHOA join the rest of the tourism and travel industry as one organization among equals.

Congratulations to Mrs. Muhwezi on her election and great many thanks to Mr. Kibirige for his long and dedicated service to the sector.

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  1. My Dear Friend you have forgotten to mention and thank Fairway Hotel and Spa for successfully hosting this AGM

      1. Hahaha well noted…..The much anticipated Lady Crane Fashion Show which was scheduled to take place in Munyonyo last weekend totally flopped due to poor planning from the organisers

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