Flying across Kenya made affordable for ordinary folks


(Posted 20th May 2014)

Madaraka Day is one of Kenya’s national holidays, celebrating the status of internal self-government six months ahead of the formal independence in 1963. This year had recently launched Kenya Airways offspring Jambojet put low fares on the market again, as done recently in a hugely successful sales promotion for Mother’s Day, allowing travelers to book and fly at a cost of just 1.950/- Kenya Shillings across their network of Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret and Kisumu. The charge is for one way tickets, return will cost double the amount shown, but inclusive of all taxes and fees.

This latest promotion is bound to once more raise keen interest to capture the deal, leaving other low cost carrier trailing in Jambojet’s wake but having travelers celebrate and move in droves from using busses to using an aircraft, saving many hours otherwise spent on the road at a cost only marginally higher than the bus tickets.

Jambojet operates a fleet of three B737-300 leased from Kenya Airways and re-configured into an all economy version. The airline flies twice a day from Nairobi to Kisumu, up to 10 times a week to Eldoret and up to 6 times a day to Mombasa. Terms and conditions apply for these fares and details can be obtained via

Happy Landings and of course, as and when June 01 comes calling, Happy Madaraka Day to all Kenyans who live across the lake!

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