Kenya situation – Message from Asilia Africa

A message from Asilia Africa about the situation in Kenya

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Dear Partner,

We have no doubt that you are more than aware of the loss of life in a bomb blast in Nairobi on Friday and of the British government’s recent non- essential travel warning to Mombasa.

The safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority at all times and as such we fully respect the British government’s advisory against travel to the contained area around and including Mombasa Island. It is important however to stress that the vast majority of tourism areas are unaffected by the travel advisory and more importantly are far removed from threat of attack, not least due to the inaccessibility of them.

Asilia Africa have a good record of safety and putting guests safety before profit and as such would seek to reassure our guests that they have our full care and attention. We stand by our industry partners and the Kenyan government in our belief that Kenya remains a safe safari destination and together we will continue to work to restore the required confidence to ensure this destination and its people do not suffer more than they already have.

We will communicate more as soon as we receive any new information and we are on hand to answer any questions from you or your clients.

In the meantime if your clients would feel more comfortable about flying directly out of JKIA (not transferring across Nairobi to Wilson) then please contact us for private charter rates.

We thank you for the support of our staff at this time,

The Asilia Team

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  1. This is an outstanding response filled with humility and true character! Well done Asilia

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