Reunion is always good for a surprise – on land and in the ocean


(Posted 22nd May 2014)

Surrounded by the wide Indian Ocean is this French Indian Ocean island naturally a target for divers and sailors, for observers of ocean creatures and a magnet for visitors who come from around the world to watch whales and dolphins several subspecies of which are seen regularly while others are much rarer finds. The latest confirmed news from the island now speak of a yet another subspecies of Blue and White Dolphins (Stellena Coeruleoalba) which was observed a week ago and according to records at hand were never seen at sea near Reunion until now.

A group of ocean researchers, brought together from three programmes, GLOBICE – a group studying Cetaceans, Kelonia – an observation group for sea turtles and Ecomar – the University of Reunion research institute for marine life were at hand to observe the rare appearance of the dolphins, seen in waters not regularly monitored due to the often tough wind conditions at sea. At least 20 of them were seen and photographed in the waters off between Sainte Gilles and Sainte Marie to the delight of the research teams who were able to add another species to the record books of Reunion island.

In a related development will today a ‘kitchen party’ take place organized by members of the Trade Union of Hotels (UMIH) which has organized the 18th such food festival incorporating some 47 restaurants and hotels across the entire island to showcase fine cuisine at half the regular prices to bring visitors and locals, gourmets and foodies together to sample the unique Creole blend of cooking food fused with the traditional French cuisine. Reunion’s chefs have mastered the art to bring the roots of the island’s cooking secrets out in the open, using African, Asian, Madagascar and European influences to create something which can only be found on Reunion itself.

For guests on the island, today will be the day to taste and sample exciting Creole creations by Reunion’s chefs and Bon Appetite it is to all who are lucky to be part of the ‘tasters

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