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Keep Calm, Online Auction and More…
Keep Calm and Go To Kenya
Following a series of security incidents, several countries including Britain, have reissued their travel advisory on Kenya.

We at Ol Pejeta stand firm that the vast majority of Kenya remains a safe safari destination and that the advisories should not deter anyone wanting to visit this amazing country.

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We need to raise $63,348 to buy tracking equipment to protect our rhinos. Make a donation. Every amount counts and however small your donation, it will make a difference.


baby rhino on Ol Pejeta
We celebrate the life of new baby black rhino on Ol Pejeta. Ishirini, a female black rhino, had her calf in early March bringing the total number of black rhinos on Ol Pejeta to 101.
On the weekend of the 14th of March Ol Pejeta played host to the winner of My Rhino, Our Future competition, Jill Nyangoma and her family. Read more about their amazing experience.
Dear Friend of Ol Pejeta:
Announcing Project to End Great Ape Slavery
Ol Pejeta Conservancy is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative to address the serious and growing problem of great ape trafficking: Project to End Great Ape Slavery (PEGAS).

Every year thousands of great apes – chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orangutans – are lost from the wild in trafficking incidents. To capture one or two infants for the great ape slave trade, poachers annihilate whole groups. The adults are killed leaving behind frightened and traumatized orphans.

The poachers sell the great ape orphans to wildlife traffickers in the cities. The young apes are then kept chained up or in cages until the traffickers find a buyer, usually in places such as the Middle East, Russia or East Asia. This insidious great ape slave trade is all illegal.

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After their mothers are killed, the orphans are taken away by poachers. The frightened, traumatized orphans are caged up and sold as slaves.
Help Ol Pejeta Fight Poaching, Take Part In Our Auction!
In the fight against poaching Ol Pejeta is constantly evolving its security tactics. Our vision is to create a powerful security force. This year we are launching the Ol Pejeta online auction to raise funds for the Ol Pejeta Canine Unit. The auction will take place internationally online in June 2014. // read more
Ensuring Both Water Capture And Conservation In One Fell Swoop
A key challenge for Ol Pejeta’s neighbouring communities is the availability of water for domestic use. The women are forced to make long trips to draw water. When it rains they try their hand at water capture using their household utensils. Ol Pejeta is supplementing their efforts by providing them with more efficient water capture equipment. The Ol Pejeta Community Programme has just donated eight 2300 litre water tanks to the women. // read more.
Bidii Young Ladies receive their water tanks
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