All Entebbe ground handling companies now RA3 certified


(Posted 02nd June 2014)

Entebbe International Airport’s second ground handling company, DAS Handling, has according to information received from sources at the airport received EU certification as an approved mail and cargo handling agent, now mandatory to be able to handle, process and load cargo destined for the European Union from African countries. The company now holds the coveted ‘Third Country Regulated Agent’ status since mid May.

The cutoff date to be certified was looming large, being the 01st of July this year, and DAS beat the deadline with over a month to spare following an audit to establish that all requirements are being met to the letter. The EU’s demands were prompted by the need to have a secure supply chain in place where all cargos are screened and kept under constant surveillance, among other logistical requirements, necessitating added investments in handling and security equipment which DAS has over the past year undertaken.

DAS had earlier this year rebranded itself and since then shown a new spirit, besides new uniforms for the staff and a new logo and new colours on all their equipment.

DAS is handling all Kenya Airways flights at Entebbe, which includes inbound and outbound cargo handling and while main rival ENHAS is considerably larger, has been able to hold its own against their competitor. For more information about the company click on

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