Condor to launch another Mombasa flight from 26th of June


(Posted 09th June 2014)

Condor, part of the Thomas Cook Group and Germany’s leading leisure airline, has given tourism stakeholders at the Kenya coast some added hope for better times ahead, when after receiving an extra flight a week, routing via Kilimanjaro, the station manager announced the launch of one more frequency from 26th June this year, nonstop from Frankfurt and exclusively operating into Mombasa without any stops enroute. Condor does also serve Mombasa in combination with Zanzibar, besides the latest flight via JRO. The airline will benefit from reduced charges for landing in Mombasa as recently announced by President Kenyatta when he launched phase one of a recovery programme aimed to bring more tourists into Kenya and in particular the Kenya coast.

Condor has served Kenya’s Indian Ocean port city for several decades now, operating such varied aircraft like the B707, the B727, the B747, the DC10 and more recently the B767-300. Condor is one of the few charter airlines offering passengers besides the regular economy class cabin the choice of a premium economy class and a business class on flights to Mombasa.

The withdrawal of charter flights from the UK, following a hard hitting anti travel advisory by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office last month, has hit the tourism industry at the Kenya coast hard with job losses running into the thousands and tourism stakeholders are beginning to accuse Britain of both paranoia as well as of ill motives, as there was not one single case of trouble for British, or in fact other tourists, reported from the entire Kenya coast since British vacationers were literally ripped off their sunbeds and flown home. Watch this space.

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