Ol Pejeta named top conservancy once again


(Posted 11th June 2014)

Regularly described by this correspondent as Kenya’s most complete wilderness experience all in one place has the Ol Pejeta Conservancy just been voted again as the best of its kind by contributors to TripAdvisor, the world’s leading hotel and attractions review website.

Home to over 100 Eastern Black Rhinos, nearly 30 Southern White Rhinos and the only four remaining Northern White Rhinos in the wild does the conservancy also offer a home to the remaining four other species which make up the Big Five, plus dozens of other mammals and hundreds of bird species.

The conservancy, as reported in a lengthy feature article here in November last year, is also home to some 6.000 prime cattle, being the most successful example of how livestock and game can not only coexist but support the conservancy by generating separate cash flow streams, from tourism and from ranching. (http://atcnews.org/2013/11/19/four-nights-and-five-days-on-ol-pejeta-an-eye-opener/)

It is beyond doubt that Ol Pejeta is the most forward looking conservancy of its kind in Kenya, with such innovations as a gated residential estate at a corner of the nearly 90.000 acre property giving individuals the opportunity to purchase a home while proverbially living with wildlife and allowing for views of both Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare Mountains. A chimpanzee sanctuary, the only one in Kenya, night game drives, safari walks, lion tracking and the adventure activities by the Rift Valley Adventure company, one of the concessionaires doing business on the conservancy, have propelled Ol Pejeta to the forefront of places tourists and locals prefer to visit. Serena Hotels operates their Sweetwaters Safari Camp and very luxurious Ol Pejeta House while at a more remote part of the conservancy Porini’s Rhino Camp is located, besides two other small and very exclusive such tented camps. Ol Pejeta in turn offers selfcatering accommodation at their Pelican House, a traditional ranch homestead from the old days with the charm visitors expect, and while not overly luxurious offers all guests need for a comfortable stay in a very quiet and tranquil setting, overlooking a water hole where game parades itself in front of awed spectators viewing it from the sundeck.

Congratulations to Ol Pejeta and keep up the good work.

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