Kenya’s private sector responds to inaccuracies in reporting about Mpeketoni attack

Kenya’s private sector, at least in one on one conversations since morning, have taken exception about the at times deliberately misleading statements put out by international media organizations, which have through placement on make shift maps and by insinuation all but suggested that the Mpeketoni attack took place at or near by a tourism centre along the Kenya coast. Sections of the local media did themselves and their country also no favour by constantly talking of ‘hotels’ whereas the affected properties were basic local lodging facilities, often referred to as ‘Boarding and Lodging‘ not to be mistaken with a graded or rated tourism property. The fact that some media organizations have blatantly refused to correct the insinuations and falsehoods has been noted with some degree of regret by Kenya’s private sector which insists that the targets of all these attacks were fellow Kenyans and not tourists.
The Kenya Tourism Federation has just issued the following statement which in the interest of fair reporting is shown below in full:



In light of the reported incident last night in Mpeketoni area in Lamu
County, where a number of Kenyan citizens were killed and others injured
by gunmen, the tourism fraternity in Kenya condemns, in the strongest
terms possible, the attack on innocent citizens of this country. Our sincere
condolences go out to the bereaved families and wish the injured a quick

KTF would also like to clarify the following in relation to this.

Mpeketoni is a small inland town which is part of the larger Lamu County
but not part of the Lamu archipelago. It is an average of 40 kms inland and
a 40 minutes – 1 hour drive from Mokowe which is accessed by boat from
Lamu Island.

It was started as a settlement scheme by Kenya’s first president. The local
population in Mpeketoni mainly consists of upcountry farming communities
and feeds much of the Lamu County.

Mpeketoni is not a tourism destination for either domestic or international
tourists and there is no beach or tourist class hotels in the area. Tourist
activity in Lamu is concentrated in Shela, Manda and Lamu Old Town.

Residents of Lamu Island continue with their daily activities a large part of
which is tourism and fishing.

We will provide more information on this incident once it becomes available
to us.

The KTF Safety and Communication Centre remains open 24 Hours daily
and will respond to any safety or other concern or information request. We
can be reached as follows:

Land line – +254 20 8001000
Cell – +254 722 745645
– +254 738 617499
E-mail: operations

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