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news_bustech_arw1.gif Kalema’s sluggish moves might cost him top position
116.jpgKalema has always been Umutama’s major challenge for the alpha male position. however, lately the events are taking another turn. Recently, after a research session, Kalema was released back to the forest; but he was not readily welcomed by the other members. Some individuals charged and challenged him that he had to escape back to the holding facility.This was a clear indication that his confidence in the group is still wanting as a contending alpha male.

On another occasion, he was given papaya by the caregivers but Kidogo, an adult female made provocative calls and attracted other chimps that grabbed the papaya from him.

On the other hand Umutama has maintained his position and tried on several occasions to provoke Kalema for a fight but the latter has always ignored him.

news_bustech_arw1.gif Women to benefit from mushroom growing
In May we trained women from Kyabigambire sub-county, Hoima District, Western Uganda to establish and maintain mushrooms as an enterprise. This is part of our goal to provide alternative livelihoods to people living adjacent to chimpanzee habitats in order to reduce on the pressure exerted on forests.

The women learnt about cultivation procedures and preparation stages for the mushroom growing. With support from Deborah Durham, a friend of the trust we are providing mushroom enterprise necessities for establishment and maintenance in addition to the training. ‘We envisage that the mushroom enterprise will increase on the household income for these women to advance livelihood improvement, the salient issue that causes forest degradation and deforestation,’ says Executive Director, Lilly Ajarova.

Women go through training
news_bustech_arw1.gif Direct internet access for Visitors at Ngamba Island
Sharing your experience at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is now just a click away. This follows the installation of wireless internet at the sanctuary that can be remotely accessed with a phone, tablet, ipad or laptop. It is free and available to both day and overnight visitors.
news_bustech_arw1.gif Staff updates
Four of our chimpanzee caregivers attended a 5 days keeper’s workshop at Uganda Wildlife Education Center. The four day workshop was organized by Africa Animal Keeper’s Association (AAKA). It mainly focused on captive animal enrichment. Later the delegates visited Ngamba Island to have an onsite training for staff who were not in position to attend.

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