Reunion’s tourism office staff take to the mountains trails


(Posted 20th June 2014)

Besides fam trips for travel agents from Reunion’s main tourism source markets do staff of the tourism offices across the island also have the opportunity to learn more about the various attractions and earlier this week had a group of 12 the opportunity to go hiking with one of the island’s leading guides and two staff from IRT, Ile de la Reunion Tourisme. The 12 were drawn from four tourism offices and the tourism federation, led by Jean-Yves Hervet, who led them for two days over the trails which are open for tourists when they come for an adventure holiday to this French Indian Ocean island.

(Pictures courtesy of IRT)

Along the trails the group also took the opportunity to see and inspect guest houses and related tourism facilities such as Yolande Hoare, Caesar Menrique and Three Rocks on the first day and yet more on the second day as they climbed up towards the Plaine de Tamarins where they enjoyed a picnic with a view.

Information from IRT confirmed that a second such hiking educational tour will be organized later this year to give staff of the various tourism offices better knowledge of the product and allow them to ‘sell’ such excursions after they experienced the trails themselves, close up and personal. For more details on Reunion click on

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