Reunion – relentless marketing shows results


(Posted 21st June 2014)

Reunion Island, a founder member of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Island Organization, has been voted as France’s third most spectacular region, after Brittany and the island of Corsica, fueling new interest by travelers from the French mainland to the island to explore its range of attractions, from scenery to the beaches and from the culture and history to culinary delights incorporating Creole creations. As an immediate result were some 18.000 additional views added on a video clip about Reunion, showing how keen wannabe travelers are to learn more about the destination which is located between Madagascar and Mauritius.

To further enhance the quality of services has IRT subsequently held two training sessions for accredited suppliers of accommodation and other related tourism services on 13th and 18th of June, which were well attended and gave participants a greater overview of what the island has to offer and what the perception in the market places is about Reunion, bringing out strengths and unique selling points to be used in future correspondence and interaction with clients.

On the agenda for the meeting were such relevant issues like

  • How to stand out from the competition
  • Adopt any communication to trigger the act of buying?
  • What strategy to use to attract target customers to Reunion?

· go fishing and cook his fish thereafter;

· harvesting and roasting of coffee Bourbon;

· learn how to weave the pandanus to make a hat;

· to raise awareness of the sanctity of religious cults;

· learn the handling of kayamb;

· identifying and segmenting the target in order to propose one or more appropriate activities (eg target multiple family attractions and varied individual profiles);

· implement an innovative product (half-day or full day) integrated into an existing global performance while maintaining an affordable and competitive price …

The date for the next workshop has been set for 10th of July already but IRT, the Ile de la Reunion Tourisme, has confirmed that additional brainstorming sessions will be held in coming months to position the island by showcasing its very unique attractions, different from any other island in the world.

Towards that end has French photographer Luc Perrot just won a first price with his picture ‘Above the Summits’ in the prestigious 5th International Earth & Sky Photo Contest 2014, where he captured the sight of Piton de la Fournaisse, the island’s active volcano. In recognition of the high quality of the picture did NASA incidentally use the image for an entire day on 19th of June as their chosen picture of the day on their website, further increasing interest in the island and what attractions it has to offer.

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