Much needed boost for Nairobi hotels as UNEP assembly heads to Kenya


(Posted 21st June 2014)

Kenya’s beleaguered hospitality industry expects a shot in the arm next week when the United Nation’s Nairobi based UNEP Assembly will bring an estimated 1.200 visitors to the country.

This is good news following last month’s decision by the Africa Hotel Investment Forum to desert Nairobi in favour of Addis Ababa at a time when the only possible explanation was that the organizers reacted in a state of panic to events in Kenya and did the proverbial runner.

The assembly is due to begin on Monday and will extend from the 23rd of June until the 27th of June. Many delegates are then expected to flock to the Masai Mara after their meetings, where the annual migration of the big herds from the Serengeti is already in full swing, providing a visitors with a spectacle second to none as thousands of animals cross the river and run the gauntlet of crocodiles and other predators to reach the rich grazing grounds inside the Masai Mara Game Reserve. Industry representatives only a few days ago expressed their hope that occupancies in the Masai Mara may as a result rise in average to some 80 percent at the peak of the migration period. Tourists from around the world continue to arrive in the country to visit the country’s national parks, game reserves and conservancies in search of their safari of a lifetime.

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