Special offers help sell tickets from Lubumbashi to Johannesburg


(Posted 30th June 2014)

Korongo Airlines, recently dealt a double whammy when first Congo DR was cited by ICAO for non-compliance and having to halt operations for a few days and then again when their base airport of Lubumbashi started to resurface their single runway’s middle section, causing a rescheduling of flights to be crammed into 4 days when the airport is now fully functional instead of a 7 day schedule, has come back at the market with special offers.

Passengers flying from Lubumbashi to Johannesburg – the present winter season there has seen some very attractive offers from hotels put on the market – can now expect an additional free baggage allowance over and above the already generous allocation. Business class passengers on Korongo flights to Johannesburg are given, with immediate effect until the 20th of September, an extra 15 kg’s, making it 65 overall while economy class passengers get another 10 kg’s for free, giving them overall 50 kilogrammes of weight, plenty for those who go to South Africa for shopping of all those things they lack in Lubumbashi.

Students, going to South Africa to study, are granted a 15 percent rebate on their ticket cost against production of the relevant study document. Korongo is a partnership between Brussels Airlines and local Congolese partners and fully complies with EASA standards, the safety regulations of the European Union, the only airline licenses in Congo DR to actually accomplish that. Happy Landings!

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