Are rhinos now a liability to South Africa?

More news updates from the Conservation Action Trust which asks if rhinos are now a liability to South Africa?

Conservation Action Trust
Are rhinos now a liability to South Africa?

Are rhinos now a liability to South Africa?

The Cape Times | 27 June, 2014 | Ian McCallum

I have recently read the May/June South African Journal of Science report on a Kruger National Park workshop aimed at finding a management solution to counter the escalation of the poaching of South Africa’s rhino population. Compiled by Sam Ferreira… Full Story →

More desert elephants to be shot

Safarious | 3 July, 2014 | CJ Carrington

Namibia: Concerns have been heightened by the Namibian Ministy of Environment and Tourism’s (MET) decision to issue additional hunting permits for some of the most unique elephants in the world. The Ministry had previously stated that only two hunting licences… Full Story →

Environmentalists call for trade sanctions against Mozambique for rhino and elephant poaching

Nassau News Live | 2 July, 2014 | Environmental Investigation Agency & International Rhino Foundation

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and the International Rhino Foundation (IRF) announced they are petitioning the Obama Administration to impose trade sanctions against Mozambique in response to rampant poaching. Since 2010, Mozambican nationals have slaughtered up to 1,862 rhinos in… Full Story →

Mali poachers caught: a superb response to a tragedy

The Wild Foundation | 24 June, 2014 | Susan Canney

We have good news. After the tragic poaching incidence of 13th-14th May, we received a superb response from many of our supporters and the Malian government. Thank you to everyone who helped out. The incident was a tragedy, but the response within Mali was extraordinary, and never… Full Story →

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