Mogadishu welcomes new airline


(Posted 06th July 2014)

Greek private airline SkyGreece has according to information received started flights between Athens and Mogadishu, operating once a week on a B767-300ER, the only aircraft presently on their fleet. The airline was formed in 2012 and has since last year been operating from Athens to Stockholm and London with flights to the horn of Africa covering Asmara and since last week Mogadishu.

Few airlines are flying into Mogadishu and Somalia at large as yet on a scheduled basis, other than Ethiopian, followed last year by Turkish Airlines and now by SkyGreece. From East Africa do Air Uganda and Kenya’s African Express fly scheduled services to Mogadishu.

Since Al Shabaab was evicted by coalition forces from the capital has a sense of new order swept the city and inspite of occasional terror attacks have investors, often ethnic Somalis living abroad, come back to the country to explore opportunities in real estate developments, agriculture, fishing, mineral exploitation and the ICT sector.

Happy and safe landings to crew and passengers of the latest airline flying to Somalia.

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