Where giants still roam – update on the Great Elephant Census

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Where giants still roam – update on the Great Elephant Census

Where giants still roam

Africa Geographic Magazine | July, 2014 | Anton Crone

The greatest African elephant census in history takes to the skies. A jetliner is a wondrous thing; a spaceship: stupendous. But an unsophisticated propeller plane is far more significant. Flying no higher than a bird, this machine gives us enviable… Full Story →

Namibia’s desert dwelling elephants are unique and must be preserved

The Cape Times | 4 July, 2014 | Tony Weaver

If there is one place in Africa I would name my spiritual wilderness home, it is Namibia’s Kaokoveld and Damaraland. This is a desert, but a desert that throws up huge mountains, long valleys blanketed in golden grass, crystal springs… Full Story →

Trade in wildlife body parts: where the clocks have no hands

Daily Maverick | 8 July, 2014 | Clarissa Hughes

With the South African government investigating the feasibility of legalising rhino horn trade ahead of CITES 2016, there are some new trends in the demand for wildlife body parts. That Africa’s iconic wildlife species are under threat due to Asian… Full Story →

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