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The sanctuary facilities are undergoing major repairs and maintenance. We are extending the chimpanzee electric fence, renovating the pier and working on tent decks. At the end of July a night at the sanctuary with the chimpanzees will be a whole new experience.

news_bustech_arw1.gif Alpha male candidates might have an agreement
The struggle for the Alpha position is at a standstill, three times this month the two top contenders for the position, Kalema and Umutama were seen embracing. This could be a sign that they might have reached an understanding. We still watch to find out what the consensus is.
news_bustech_arw1.gif Itohya Forest; where locals access medicine
Itohya forest (374 hectares) is found 30km south of Hoima Town, Western Uganda. It is under sustainable management through a Payment for Ecosystem Services contract with St. Josephs Vocational Training Centre. The forest is home to several animal species, most notably chimpanzees and mangabeys and many tree species, especially the medicinal Prunus africana that is said to treats prostate cancer.

In partnership with Community Based Tourism Initiative (COBATI), We assessed its potential for community based tourism and expounded on the medicinal usefulness of several tree species. Paul Hatanga, Chimpanzee Trust’s Project Manager says that literally each tree in Itohya forest can treat something.

We are now embarking on a study of this forest with an aim of making it a community tourist destination as well as a demonstration for teaching the locals the values of some plants as medicines,‘ Paul adds.

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