Ocean crossing between Mauritius and Reunion halted by bad weather


(Posted 16th July 2014)

Sophie Bernier’s attempt to cross the Indian Ocean between Morne / Mauritius and Reunion’s port of Sainte Rose was cruelly cut short by 3 kilometres when dark set in and she had to abandon her quest and board the safety boat to return to port.

She had completed 171 of the 174 kilometres distance but was slowed down during the entire dayby at times atrocious weather, gusty winds and high waves. Sophie was nearly 9 hours on the surfboard and arrived exhausted and disappointed to thundering applaus from her family, friends and supporters of her quest to become the first female athlete to cross between the two islands by kite surfing the distance.

Sophie, a Vice World Champion in Sky Diving, had trained for over a year to accomplish her task and put both Reunion and herself in the news. There is not confirmation yet of another attempt but it is expected that she will after getting some rest decide if and when she will attempt another crossing.

That all said, congratulations are in order for her valour and spirit in battling the weather and heavy waves for an entire day and even if stopped short of completing her journey when darkness fell, she is a winner nevertheless.

For destination information visit www.reunion.fr

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