Fly Korongo and read Wageni


(Posted 16th July 2014)

Korongo, Congo’s only EASA certified airline – a partnership between Brussels Airlines and local Congolese investors – has now launched their inflight magazine. Notably offering bi-lingual content is ‘Wageni’, the Kiswahili word for traveler, now published on a quarterly basis and will be available for passengers and at Korongo offices.

Over 65 pages is the magazine showcasing the attractions of Congo, with emphasis on the destinations the airline flies to as well as serving as the company’s public ‘notice board’ with updates on fleet and other areas of interest to passengers.

Based in Lubumbashi, the centre of mining in Congo, does Korongo regionally fly to Johannesburg and on domestic routes to Kinshasa and Mbuji Mayi, presently using one ex Brussels Airlines B737-300 which was retrofitted with blended winglets. The two class configuration offers passengers the comfort of 12 business class seats and 114 economy class seats. Two more such aircraft are reportedly on order. Visit for more details.

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