Final countdown towards the Mtwara Festival 2014


(Posted 27th July 2014)

The southern Tanzanian town of Mtwara, which came to fame when major gas finds were made offshore a couple of years ago, will showcase the region’s tourism and cultural attractions between 16th and 17th of August, when the ‘Mtwara Festival’ will take place. The festival is organized by the Tanzania Creative Industries Network, a local NGO (

The Tanzania Tourism Board has thrown its weight and resources behind the festival and is partnering with other organizations and private sector companies to draw attention to this part of Tanzania, which apart of the gas finds is little known in the region leave alone the outside world.

Earlier in the week had the Tanzanian government announced plans to build a railway line from Dar es Salaam to Mtwara which is connected by Precision Air and Air Tanzania with the commercial capital as road transport to this part of the country requires long journey times.

Access to the Selous Game Reserve is possible out of Mtwara and the Mnazi Bay Marine National Park too offers insights into the marine life on this southern stretch of coast of Tanzania towards the border with Mozambique.

Added information can be found on the TTB website via or more specifically about the Mtwara region of Tanzania by clicking on

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