Reunion overtakes Paris in Facebook ‘likes’


(Posted 01st August 2014)

As of the end of July has Ile de la Reunion overtaken the Paris region as the second most liked regional destination in France when the island’s Facebook ‘Likes’ surged ahead of their domestic rivals to 300.654 with the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe coming in fourth and the famous Cote d’ Azur in fifth place. Leading the pack was the French region of Alsac which has over 840.000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

Reunion over the past year has made up tremendeous ground through a concerted campaign of direct destination marketing across the key French cities and other European and foreign market places but also through increased visibility as a founder member of the Vanilla Islands organization. Participation in the world’s fifth most famous Carnival festival, the Carnaval de Carnivals in Victoria / Seychelles too has had tongues wagging in favour of Reunion.

Regular fam trips for travel agents, tour operators and more recently a group of leading travel bloggers has added to the increased reach of the island and decisions to lower Visa requirements for South African, Chinese and Indian citizens who are now given tourist visa on arrival when they come for a holiday to the island, have boosted visitor number significantly already.

The island’s tourism gurus are continuing their relentless campaign, much along the lines of how fellow Vanilla Island Seychelles has undergone a transformation in the market over the past 6 years and stakeholders are eyeing the threshold of 400.000 ‘likes’ before the end of the year.

For more destination information about Reunion, which is located between Madagascar and Mauritius and which surprises visitors with a unique blend of French infrastructure and organization and the Creole influence on history, culture and cuisine, click on

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