Terminal 1A at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport moves from trials to operations phase


(Posted 12th August 2014)

Kenya Airways, after a period of trial runs undertaken in conjunction with the Kenya Airport Authority, will effective this morning begin to officially shift departure handling from their present location in Terminal 1C, formerly Unit 2, to the sparkling new Terminal 1A.

Initially will four flights be handled every day but the airline will progressively move more departures to the new terminal, the first airline to do so. Kenya Airways’ SkyTeam and other codeshare partner airlines too will be part of this move and passengers are advised to check with their airline, and pay attention to their ticket information in which terminal their flight check in is handled.

Flight No. Destination Departure Time (all times local)
KQ 760 Johannesburg 0635 hours
KQ 410 Entebbe 0800 hours
KQ 480 Dar es Salaam 0810 hours
KQ 762 Johannesburg 0835 hours

Full functionality of the new facility is expected to be accomplished in a few months’ time and progress will be reported here as and when details of further flights moving to Terminal 1A are available.

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