New opportunities for investors to put up posh island resorts


(Posted 19th August 2014)

Information has come to light from Dar es Salaam that the Tanzanian government is in the final stage of selecting an investor for a tourism project on some islands not too far from the country’s commercial capital and main port city.

Among the companies the government is talking to appears to be Landmark Hotels, which is part of the UAE based Landmark Zenith Group and presently manages a portfolio of luxury properties in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and India but said to be keen to expand into other parts of the world.

Off the coast of the Tanzanian mainland are several uninhabited islands found which have hitherto not been developed as they are located inside marine reserves. Yet, going by the example set by the Seychelles it is possible to combine tourism investments even inside protected marine areas with globally accepted principles of conservation. Much focus will no doubt be given to mitigative measures the national environmental watchdog will impose on an investor to enhance rather than impact the fragile marine habitat, once plans for a resort have been submitted and approved.

It is understood that at least three islands have been identified for potential development, all only a few kilometres off the coastline and relatively near to Dar es Salaam and the stretch of beaches north of the city. Final authority will rest with the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism about any developments an investor intends to put up, though that approval is expected for a top of the range facility which would boost Tanzania’s standing as a tourism destination along the lines of more recent 5 star developments on Zanzibar’s main island of Unguja.

Watch this space for breaking and regular news from across Eastern Africa’s hospitality sector.

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