RIP Harmon Chellen


(Posted 21st August 2014)

Only a day after participating in an event at the Seychelles Tourism Academy as Guest of Honour are reports emerging from the Seychelles’ main island of Mahe that Mr. Harmon Chellen was found dead near the resort where he was staying. Mr. Chellen had addressed the students of the academy during the graduation ceremony of STA and was due to return to Mauritius later this week.

Minister for Tourism and Culture Mr. Alain St. Ange led the tribute to the late Chellen whom he described as a senior representative from Mauritius and Head of the Mauritius hotel school known as ‘Ecole Hoteliere Sir Gaetan Duval’. Minister St. Ange described Harmon Chellen as a well-known individual in the field of tourism and said: ‘He held a key position in the training of Mauritian students and the tourism industry’.

Arrangements are being made to repatriate the late Mr. Chellen to his native Mauritius where is family including two children received the news with great shock.

The entire eTN team expresses condolences to his family and friends and staff and students at the Tourism Academy of Mauritius.

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