It is all about camels in Maralal next weekend


(Posted 24th August 2014)

All eyes in Kenya’s tourism circles as well as from the local, regional and international media will next weekend again turn to Maralal / Samburu county, when the 23rd annual Camel Derby goes underway. Taking place this year between the 28th and the 31st of August will thousands of visitors flock to Kenya’s northern town of Maralal and in particular the global media organizations will hopefully give Kenya some positive spotlight in the news when reporting from there.

Conceived by Malcom Gascoigne in 1990 has the event grown in leaps and bounds and become one of Kenya’s great happenings in the North of the country besides the Lake Turkana Festival. Needless to say has the Kenya Tourism Board embraced the camel derby and is using it to promote travel to the more remote parts of the country as well, considering present circumstances, showcase Kenya as a continued safe and desirable safari destination.

A series of races will take place over the next weekend for amateurs and the more professional camel riders providing a fun weekend for participants as well as for spectators. Added activities will keep visitors busy too in case they get bored by too much camel talk.

As mentioned in recent articles have sporting initiatives like the Kilifi Golden Triathlon or the Mombasa Cultural Festival as well as the various weekend events along Diani Beach become a focal point for tourism marketers to latch on to and exploit the popularity of such events to promote the country as a whole.

For those interested to travel to Maralal have several tour operators offered special packages traveling by rad though an airstrip at Maralal also allows for the much faster flying option.

Added details can be sourced from KTB’s website. Best of luck to riders and camels and fun galore to all the spectators who will make the journey to Maralal.

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  1. Dear Wofgang, I’d like to promote upcoming events in Ndege News, but would need notice of these well in advance. You seem to know everything about what’s happening when and I’d be most grateful for your assistance. Can we speak on the e-mail.
    Juliet Barnes (Editor, Ndege News for Airkenya)

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