Turning a formerly eroded beach into a people’s leisure park – only in the Seychelles


(Posted 27th August 2014)

The Anse a la Mouche Recreational Park was launched last week by Prof. Rolph Payet, Minister for Environment and Energy, after the Seychelles government restored a formerly degraded and eroded beach area for the common good.

Before cutting the traditional tape Prof. Payet told invited guests, government and community representatives: ‘In the past Anse à la Mouche was regarded as one of the most beautiful coastlines in the country. Unfortunately during the last seven years, we have seen more intensive and aggressive coastal erosion which is threatening the main road and also the beach that we all enjoy. It is for this reason that in 2011, the Ministry of Environment’s Coastal Adaptation and Management Section decided to start a major coastal protection project to prevent further loss of coastline. This was followed by extensive landscaping work as the loss of the fringing vegetation became more apparent and critical. The government is also particularly grateful to the residents of Anse à la Mouche for their continuous support and acknowledgment of the whole process of the project. To note some residents were involved directly in the rehabilitation project such as donating rocks for blocking off vehicles from parking in this area, and for that I would like to commend the residents and encourage more support from the community for such projects’.

Prof. Rolph Payet went on to say that his ministry was especially grateful to President James Michel who strongly supported plans to convert the area into a park following his visit to the area three years ago when he inspected the damage. Another place to visit and see no doubt when traveling to the Seychelles. For added information about the archipelago click on www.seychelles.travel

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