Born Free location to become a lion sanctuary


(Posted 01st September 2014)

When George Adamson’s life was celebrated at Kora National Park, where he spent much of his late adult life continuing the work started with his late wife Joy, good news were told to those assembled.

With lion numbers getting critically low in Kenya, as well as in much of Africa, Kora National Park will become a dedicated lion sanctuary according to the KWS’ man in charge of the Eastern region Mr. Simon Gitau.

Information passed by regular sources quoted him as saying: ‘The lion sanctuary will help restore the declining lion population in the country by creating a pool where other game parks can draw from to restock their numbers’.

Kora in recent years become a magnet for Adamson fans and the 25th anniversary of his untimely death at the hand of Somali shifta bandits on the 20th of August 1989 was commemorated by large numbers of conservationists and tourism stakeholders who travelled to Kora and paid their tribute at his ‘Kampi ya Simba’.

Another landmark location for the Adamson’s is Elsamere, their erstwhile vacation residence on the shores of Lake Naivasha, today a living museum where guests who stay overnight can get a glimpse into how their life must have been decades ago, as they embarked on the journey to successfully release the first lion brought up by humans back into the wilderness.

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