From the skies to the beach, nonstop … by SkyDive Diani


(Posted 06th September 2014)

The Diani SkyDivers are returning to Watamu next weekend to provide tourists and residents with adrenaline pumping thrills, either to jump out of an airplane with them or seeing them from the ground as they perform their aerial acrobatics or, in so called tandem jumps, take a tourist willing and able to pay 30.000 Kenya Shillings with them.

Watamu’s beaches are among the best in Kenya and have always been a bit of a secret hideaway, with holiday villas for short and long term lets, excellent resorts including the renowned Hemingways and a laid back atmosphere where action for those who seek it is always just a step away and for those who don’t want it the sunbed at the beach or the hammock between two palm trees is just as close.

September 13th and 14th, starting at 09.00 hrs in the morning, will the planes take off from Malindi airport and take the sky divers up into the air over Watamu before unloading their human cargo strapped to parachutes to safely glide down to terra firma. Those with some spare cash can get their jump documented for another Kenya Shillings 6.500 per DVD, taking with them a memory which is hard to match, floating down on a snow white beach and then being able to wash the sweat off in the surf of the Indian Ocean.

For added information, the sky divers normally operate at the Diani Beach, South of Mombasa, just click on jump

Surely one can agree that the Kenya coast still got what it takes to make that tropical holiday of a lifetime become reality.

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