More flights from Nairobi to Juba


(Posted 11th September 2014)

Reports from Nairobi suggest that FlySAX will from November onwards return to the Juba route which the airline withdrew from some years back due to competitive pressure. It could not be established how many flights per week were planned though the JKIA based source did mention that it would be a daily service. The same source also told this correspondent that FlySAX was planning to launch double daily flights from Nairobi to Mogadishu and commence flights from Nairobi to Entebbe just as soon as at least one additional aircraft, reportedly an MD83, would join a mixed fleet of Fokker 28 and DC9 jet aircraft already in use by the airline.

FlySAX, besides operating domestic services in Kenya, including flights to several national parks, also flies from JKIA to the Comoros as was reported here some time ago.

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