New Nairobi airport terminal gets busy


(Posted 13th September 2014)

Kenya Airways yesterday shifted yet more flights leaving Nairobi into the brand new Terminal 1A from the present location of Terminal 1C, formerly and still better known as Unit 2.

Six more flights are now checking in at the new location, including KQ 420 to Kilimanjaro, KQ 498 to Zanzibar, KQ 202 and KQ 204 to Mumbai and KQ 310 and KQ 304 to Dubai.

All passengers traveling with Kenya Airways are advised to ascertain prior to arriving at the airport from which terminal their flight will leave and on-line check in is a sure way to know exactly at which terminal building to be dropped off.

Kenya Airways is now progressively moving their flight handling to the new terminal, where a single entry point security check eliminates the multiple checks presently taking place in the other, old terminals. Departure gate lounges are spacious and with the addition of more shopping and restaurant facilities will Terminal 1A soon be the location of choice for passengers flying out of Kenya with the national airline.

The new Pride and Simba lounges will be officially launched next month and represent a 120 million Kenya Shillings investment by Kenya Airways to provide their premium passengers with superior services on the ground like never before seen in Kenya. For more details on which flights are now already checking in at the new location, click on

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