MascaRun South Africa comes to an end


(Posted 15th September 2014)

And the winner of the MascaRun South Africa is … REUNION TOURISM’ which could have been the headline or should have been the headline considering the waves the destination made on the 24 South African travel agents and tour operator staff who had come to the island to participate in the challenge.

The group was on arrival divided in to 8 teams of three participants each and given various challenges to perform, in the process learning all there is to know about Reunion’s tourism attractions, the island’s Creole culture, cuisine, how rum is destilled and Vanilla harvested, among many other experiences.

Stand up paddling, sea kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking, Segway driving, cocktail designing, 4×4 trails, flying over the island by helicopter, discovery of coffee and vanilla, Treasure hunts, discovery of the vanilla plantations and traditional cuisine … Agents of South Africa’s leading travel and tour companies competed in multiple sports and cultural challenges that made them experience live a journey across the Island of Reunion.

(The winner’s trophy for the best MascaRun South Africa team)

From lunchtime on Friday, the Vacoa teams Takamaka Mafate Bélouve, Furnace, Cilaos, Salazie and Maloya gathered at the Lux ***** Reunion for the announcement of the final results and the award ceremony of the 2014 Challenge Mascarun Special South Africa. The sun was directly overhead, fresh fruit cocktails served and the public increasingly anxious before guide Nicolas Cyprien, took the microphone and invited Ariane Loupy, Director of Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) to make the closing remarks about the adventure. After congratulating the South African professionals who came to discover the island of Reunion, she recalled that beyond being experts now and sellers of the destination, they are first and foremost ambassadors in their own right . Partner, Lux ***** Reunion and Air Austral representatives also spoke at the awards ceremony.

After an almost unbearable suspense for challengers, Nicolas Cyprien announced the results of the competition. It was on a very tight score, that Jenna Berndt, Johnathan Hollard and Tamarin Seymour of the Mafate team clinched the top spot of Mascarun 2014.

A few points of differences behind them, the Bélouve team won second place, ahead of Cilaos team that finished on the podium too. The winners were each awarded a ticket for the Mega Mascarun will bring together over 200 international travel agents in June 2015. However, all participants were winners of a sort and most of all was the destination Reunion the main winner as they now have another 24 brand ambassadors selling holidays to the island.

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