FlyDubai set to rival full service airlines with flights to and from East Africa


(Posted 22nd September 2014)

Come Saturday will FlyDubai commence daily services into the Eastern African region, serving Entebbe daily while two flights will continue to Bujumbura and three will continue to Kigali.

Burundians in particular are excited to finally have a direct connection to the Gulf’s most vibrant city, Dubai while regular sources in Kigali told this correspondent that the direct flights to Dubai are now giving options of how to travel, beyond the flights offered until now by national carrier RwandAir, or the options with Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and Qatar Airways to fly via their respective hubs. Of particular interest for travelers from Eastern Africa will be the extensive route network FlyDubai has in place to India, Pakistan but also to Eastern Europe and the Balkans, allowing for low cost onward flights to one’s final destination beyond Dubai, no doubt rivaling other full service airlines over the cost of the tickets.

It is understood from sources close to the Burundian tourism office that the new flights will very likely see added sales and marketing activities in Dubai and the wider UAE by Burundi which has been active in promoting their country as an emerging destination within the East African Community.

The same drive is expected by Uganda’s tourism industry, trying to exploit the demand from the Gulf states by locals and expatriates to escape the often stifling heat of the summer months, when Uganda is enjoying relatively much lower temperatures and presents herself in a welcoming lush green appearance.

Watch this space for the news when FlyDubai has touched down in Entebbe next Saturday, opening a new chapter in flight links to and from the Gulf.

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