Emirates matches ‘Big Texas’ by bringing the big A380 to DFW


(Posted 04th October 2014)

Travelers heading to Dallas or Fort Worth, coming from Eastern Africa, where Emirates serves Entebbe daily, Nairobi twice a day and Dar es Salaam 12 times a week, can look forward to travel with the world’s largest passenger aircraft on the onward flight from Dubai DXB to DFW.

The change from the previously used B777-200 to the double decker A380 adds a staggering 80+ percent in passenger capacity on the route and also allows for a significant rise in cargo capacity.

Dallas / Fort Worth, like the route to Texas’ oil capital Houston, link Dubai and the Gulf’s oil and gas businesses with their counterparts in Texas, although there is a significant number of travelers from Africa which fall into the VRF – Visiting Friends and Relatives – category as well as of course proper tourists coming to Dallas.

The re-launched TV series ‘Dallas’ has, like in the 1970’s and 1980’s during the decade long run of the initial seasons, raised the profile of Dallas as a destination once again and no visitor to the city should leave before paying tribute to ‘JR’ on the South Fork ranch outside Dallas.

Emirates is the world’s largest operator of the giant A380 and has more on order, deployed from Dubai to destinations with high volume traffic and slot restrictions, where adding more flights is becoming less and less possible due to capacity problems at airports, leaving the use of larger aircraft as the only viable means to offer more seats and cargo capacity.

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