New airline for Tanzania promises to be up and flying before Christmas


(Posted 07th October 2014)

Fly Sax (Tanzania) has announced that they are looking at a mid-December operations launch, using a Bombardier Q 400 with 68 seats to fly between Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Mwanza and Kigoma.

It is understood that recruitment of staff is presently ongoing and that Tanzanian nationals will have preference, as long as they have the required skills. This, according to a media release by the company, applies for cockpit crews too who will be trained on the type of aircraft Fly Sax (T) will use for their flights.

Brown Francis, General Manager of the airline based in Dar es Salaam, said: ‘We have chosen the Dash 8 Q400’s because they are faster. Additionally, because of their size, they are environmentally friendly as fuel consumption is lower compared with bigger jets. My country is home to three of Africa’s natural wonders and is rapidly becoming the holiday destination of choice for international visitors as well as domestic holidaymakers. I believe that we have the right planes, the right crew and the right business model in place to grow this airline to best serve our passengers within Tanzania’.

Though not all regulatory approvals are in place yet, these are expected to be given by the TCAA in good time to have Fly Sax (T) in the air when the pre-Christmas rush begins.

Fly Sax (T) is an affiliate company to Fly Sax in Kenya, which operates from both Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport.

Further updates are expected over the coming weeks, so be sure to watch this space for breaking news.

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