Seychelles’ latest new hotel set to open on 18th of October


(Posted 09th October 2014)

Eden Island’s first hotel, variably described as a business hotel as well as a residence, is set to open to the sounds of UB 40 which will be staging a show on Eden Island on the 18th of October, when the Seychelles’ latest hotel will be officially opened. The 87 room and suites hotel, which while set on the residential marina island of Eden, an artificial island created for the purpose of real estate and leisure developments, is ideally located near the international airport enroute into the city of Victoria.

With piracy attacks on the waters of the Indian Ocean now largely a thing of the past, with the Seychelles having taken a lead role in fighting the menace and bringing it to an end, are more and more private yachts once again expected to visit the Seychelles and use the Eden Island’s main marina and harbour to lower anchor while the crews and passengers enjoy the idyllic scenery of the archipelago.

A week later then will different and much more familiar tunes rock the island when the 29th Festival Kreol goes underway, a weeklong celebration of the Creole Nation and of all things Creole, from song to poetry to art and of course to culinary delights, which makes the Creole cuisine so special.

Victoria, the world’s smallest capital city, proudly also calls itself the Kreol capital of the world and Creole people from across the world, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and the Southern states of the US are expected to congregate once again in Victoria to celebrate their own achievements and their newly born spirit of the Creole Nation.

Seychelles, Truly Another World. For more details on the festival, one of Seychelles’ key calendar of events weeks, visit

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