No 235 Wildlife Trade News 13th October 2014

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Trader in wildlife trafficking falls After years in hiding, a businesswoman wanted for illegally trading marine species in the Philippines has been arrested by authorities. The trader was identified as the owner of some P35 million (about USD 782,000) in marine species seized at Eva Macapagal Port in Manila in 2011: (Traffic SE Asia)

No 235 Wildlife Trade News 13th October 2014

Ivory trade plan under fire Dapong says closing shops would ‘stifle rights’ (Thailand)

Poachers shot, battling for their lives in ICU (Zimbabwe),+battle+for+lives/news.aspx

Kenya: Fears for Elephants As Park Is Swallowed in Oil Block

EAC must chase after Chinese tourists (Kenya)

Why Cambodia leads the way in rescuing captive bears

Aquarium warns exotic pet owners to think carefully before they buy(UK)

Making Papua New Guinea’s community-managed tree plantations sustainable Read more:

China Focus: Hainan gibbon struggles to survive

UN evite slwcs

Marooned in shrinking forests, Bornean orangutans hang on as disaster looms (PART I)

Canada Inuits reach EU deal to resume seal-product exports

The truth behind animal tourism

Polar Bears Threatened in Arctic By Greenhouse Gases

Trust fund established for protected areas (Philippines)

Drugs flushed into the environment could be cause of wildlife decline New studies show antidepressants causing starlings to feed less and contraceptive drugs reducing fish populations in lakes

Environmental degradation costs Ghana 5-10% of GDP

Activists fume as green panel ‘ignores public opinion’ (India) Read more:

“So who actually looks after our elephants then?”

Firms blamed for fires (Sumatra) extract: “Not a single one fulfilled its own promises, whether they are companies operating plantations or in industrial forests,” he said.

Journalist killed in Kratie (Cambodia)

Cambodian officers arrested over killing of investigative journalist
Read more at:

Myanmar to expand private investment in forest plantations

Deforestation drives pythons in the forest into the wards (Myanmar)

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