Hold on to your hat – it is Festival Kreol time in the Seychelles and that means a week full of action


(Posted 24th October 2014)

It is this time of year in the Seychelles that, what I call ‘Creolismthe essence of being Creole’ is celebrated in the Seychelles, and for the 29th time this year.

The Creole world, after all does Victoria lay claim to being the Creole capital of the world, comes to the Seychelles’ main island and celebrates all facets of Creole live, music, poetry, cultural ties, language and of course the food in a weeklong festival to showcase a way of life, a culture and what no doubt is now beginning to show all signs of an emerging Creole nation, largely due to the efforts of the Seychelles to promote the concept.

Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St. Ange, reiterated the importance of the festival recently when he spoke to the local media before sharing his thoughts with the global media:

We need to mark this year’s festival and make it a stepping stone for the Festival Kreol 2015, which will be a milestone for our country as we shall be celebrating the 30th edition of the annual festival’.

The Minister then went on to say: ‘This year our programme is filled with activities for all ages and we have ensured that the general public will be able to take part in the festivities. We need to make the Festival Kreol the event whereby Seychelles and the Creole People join together to celebrate their identity. I call on all Seychellois to join in the Creole festivities during the coming days to show our very own unique Creole way and demonstrate that we are all pround to be part of the Creole world. Our town will reflect an open air arts gallery with paintings of Seychelles’ top artists being displayed along the Independence Avenue in Victoria. We are proud as a ministry to also have our national arts collection which will be unveiled at the opening of the gallery and this would not have been possible without the help of President James Michel.

A week of celebrations, which include concerts of popular Creole artists, will kick off in the morning and last until the 31st of October and tourist visitors to the islands are of course not just invited but encouraged to mingle with the locals and enjoy the various activities lined up just as much. After all, Seychelles is Another World.

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