No 249 Wildlife Trade News 28th October 2014

Here comes your daily dose of bad news from around the world …
About poaching, wildlife and environmental crimes

in the spotlight today ……………………

“Solitary confinement”: Two killer whales kept in cramped tanks in Moscow park. extract: Two orca killer whales have been kept for 10 months in central Moscow in conditions animal rights activists claim render them deaf and mad

No 249 Wildlife Trade News 28th October 2014

Japan arrests Chinese fishing boat skipper over coral-poaching

Call for emergency measures as rhino kills near 900

South Africa: SA Monitoring Major Rhino Poaching Case

Image: Rhino awareness graffiti in South Africa by Port Elizabeth street artist “Faktor”

Nearly a ton of ivory seized at Vietnam port (NA comment: Why is it we never hear of any ivory seizures in China – the main importer of ivory? WHY? Could it be because a) the Chinese CITES MA turn a blind eye to ivory shipments? b) the Chinese government in general are not interested in walking their talk? c) No one in China gives a damn about either elephants or CITES d) or all three a, b, and c?

Kill an elephant, get away with Rs 500 fine and 11 other acts that will get the boot (India)

At loggerheads with illegal loggers (Sarawak/Malaysia)

Stop cruelty to the environment (Malaysia)

Greenpeace Indonesia hands over green petition to Jokowi

Vietnamese woman arrested for smuggling rhino horns from Bangkok

Thai customs officers look at rhino horns allegedly smuggled in from Mozambique at a press conference at the International Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok on January 7, 2013. The pieces were seized from a Vietnamese man at the airport. Photo: AFP

Four leopard skins seized in Burnley, UK

First ivory trading prosecution for UK auction houses

Underwater World Singapore criticised for ‘sub-standard’ animal living conditions

“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”
Albert Einstein


Hunters plan protest in Nicosia CYPRUS (NA comment: men with tiny brains and big guns want to slaughter even more birds, for fun.)

12th Annual Roundtable Meeting on Sustainable Palm Oil (Malaysia)

In the Midst of the Ebola Crisis, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary Struggles to Keep Its Doors Open

Indian tribes people duped into leaving forest homes for tigers: Rights group

Once common off the coast of the UAE, sawfish have all but disappeared

Sawfish rostra illegally on sale in Dubai. Courtesy Al Reeve

extract: Sawfish are protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which bans trade in them. (NA comment: Really?)

Stringent licensing system for selling legal ivory in Hong Kong

Protected sharks absent from UAE fish markets

Tanzanian police arrest four armed poachers in the Mikumi National Park

Pangolin scales seized (India)

U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Proposes Listing African Lion As Threatened Species

Forest dept raids poacher’s safe house, recovers rare birds

What You Can Do About Elephant & Rhino Poaching

Photo Courtesy of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Man charged in coral case under Lacey Act (USA)

Online rumor spurs closure of ‘wild animal bazaar’ (Vietnam)

Five held with banned wildlife products (India)

Illegal captures – A serious threat to Asian elephants (Sri Lanka)

Kim Hy Park under threat in Bac Kan VietNamNet Bridge – Illegal logging and gold mining are threatening to destroy Kim Hy Nature Reserve in this northern province in spite of local authorities’ prevention efforts.

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