Scholarship recipients meet to strategize on future


(Posted 30th October 2014)

Uganda’s best endowed and most coveted source of scholarships, the Madhvani Foundation, just held the 5th annual general meeting of the Alumni Association earlier this week.

Every year do 150 deserving students, out of thousands of applicants, get a share of the 650 million Uganda Shillings the foundation sets aside to provide part and full scholarships for students taking courses in engineering, sciences and of course notably tourism management, hospitality management and environmental studies.

Speaking at the AGM did Mrs. Magona Anne, a board member on the Madhvani Foundation Scholarship committee, encourage all the beneficiaries of the foundation to emulate the generosity that has been extended to them by the foundation to others when she said to the audience: ‘It is important that those that have benefited from the foundation give back to it to enable even more disadvantaged Ugandan students to get a chance of finishing their education and achieving their dreams like you have’. Mrs. Magona appreciated the Alumni Association members for their contribution to the fund and encouraged them to commit 10% of their monthly salaries for their first year in employment to enable the Foundation reach out even more.

Discussing the impact of the Foundation did Mr. Hrishi Madhvani, one of the Directors of the Madhvani Group, congratulate the Alumni’s and applauded them for their hard work. He added to previous speakers when he said: ‘The Madhvani Foundation has only provided a stepping stone but all the running and climbing has been all you. We are proud to have contributed positively to our community for now 14 years when the foundation was re-established in 2003 to further the dream our founding father Muljibhai Prabhudas Madhvani who believed the future development of Uganda lied within the education of its young generation’.

Mr. Mudholi, an 88 year old first beneficiary of the Madhvani Foundation Scholarship Scheme shared his experience of the Foundation’s generosity back in 1953 when he was sponsored to go study forestry in India which earned him the position of being the first Ugandan forestry officer during colonial times when such jobs were only held by the British. He encouraged the younger generation of the Alumni to keep the dream and fire of the foundation burning through giving back the little that they can afford.

Several graduates of tourism, hospitality and environmental courses are now also members of the Alumni Association, all employed and enjoying a career in their chosen fields, bringing added skills to Uganda’s fast growing tourism sector. Check out for added information.

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