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October 2014
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Dear Friend of Ol Pejeta: Solar lights up a school; Rhino baby boom and more…
Solar power at Mwituria School
Solar Lights Up the Way for Determined Students
Imagine facing a 15-kilometre trek to school. And, when you get to school, no electricity means you strain your eyes in dark classrooms.

That’s exactly what the students at Mwituria School face everyday – but despite these challenges, remain dedicated and determined students with a thirst for knowledge and the dream of a better future.

Now, thanks to Woodpecker International Education Consulting of Beijing, China, the school has a sustainable and free source of electricity. Through their Sino-African Education Hope Program, this organization has funded the installation of solar power at Mwituria.

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Bring on the Baby Boom!
There are few things that can brighten our day quite like a newborn black rhino. Not only are they adorable, but every one represents a ray of hope for the conservation of a critically endangered species.

Our wildlife team delivered some good news this month, when they drew up a chart of all the breeding female black rhinos on Ol Pejeta, and calculated that between them they would produce an impressive 16 calves over the next three years.

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baby black rhino
Kicheche Laikipia Camp
Kicheche Laikipia Camp was awarded the Eco-rated Facility of the Year at the Eco-Warrior Awards Gala in Nairobi earlier this month.

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Community project on Ol Pejeta
As well as providing adrenaline junkies with the adventure of a lifetime, and bringing in valuable revenue for the Ol Pejeta Conservancy as they do so, Rift Valley Adventures also support community projects around the conservancy.

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Laikipia Highland Games
The Highland Games brings together communities from all over the Laikipia region to celebrate and encourage peace and conservation. This year, Ol Pejeta competed in football, volleyball, and most successfully, athletics.

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Suni, northern white rhino
Rest in Peace, Suni

We recently lost one of our northern white rhinos, Suni. Suni was one of the four northern whites living on Ol Pejeta Conservancy, and one of only seven left in the world.

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Wildlife Census on Ol Pejeta
Wildlife Census

Our busy Wildlife Department spent most of September collecting figures on our wildlife populations. They carried out a ‘rhino audit’ and an aerial wildlife census.

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