No 252 Wildlife Trade News 31st October 2014

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Tiger Traders Busted in Indonesia Two traders arrested for selling endangered Sumatran tiger parts including a whole skin, a stuffed head, and stuffed paws

The West Java Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) of the Ministry of Forestry, the Indonesian Police (Lampung office), and the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Wildlife Crimes Unit announced today enforcement action against two wildlife traffickers trading tiger parts online.[sort]=date+desc&search[section]=30&search[has_multimedia]=

No 252 Wildlife Trade News 31st October 2014

Private zoos boasting exotic animals – the new status symbol of Armenia’s elite Government accused of turning blind eye to importation of endangered species with cheetahs, lions, tigers and bears kept as pets. reports (NA comment: ARMENIA – up to its neck and guilt for trading in illegal wildlife assisted by its CITES MA. We wonder if the Secretariat and/or Standing Committee will turn a blind eye to this as well as the earlier illegal imports of apes. What do you think?) Armenia must surely qualify for sanction by CITES.

“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”
Albert Einstein

Coast Guard boosting patrols against Chinese coral poachers

The Black Market Trade for Endangered Animals Flourishes on the Web

Congolese conservationist says Japan can help reduce deforestation, poaching (NA comment: yet another country breaking the CITES convention and not being punished, is it?)

New campaign: hey China, stop killing the ‘pandas of Africa’

AWF: Empowering Africans to Be Guardians of Wildlife

MACC: Impose heavier sentences, including whipping, to deter illegal logging (Malaysia)

Author not cowed by Taib’s threats (Sarawak/Malaysia)

Logging manager found guilty of bribing anti-graft officers (NA comment: A pathetically tiny punishment.) – See more at:

JPSM-MACC Strategic Cooperation To Address Corruption In The Logging Sector – Palanivel (Malaysia)

Deforestation and the rise of industrial-scale farming in Africa could lie behind Ebola outbreak Royal Veterinary College professor Richard Kock traces the linkages between industrial scale farming and deforestation in Africa, and the spread of dangerous diseases.

Namibia Wildlife Resorts Manager Acquitted

Environmental degradation a drain to the country’s GDP (Ghana)

Why legal ivory trade won’t work

High-profile Jairo Mora murder trial delayed again; defendant has chicken pox, says attorney (Costa Rica)

Podcast: Julian Rademeyer Chats About Winning the Marjan-Marsh Award for Killing for


Zimbabwe: Future of Save Conservancy Bleak – White Farmers

Governments must rejig rules to fit multinationals’ treehugger goals extract: So Singapore-based Wilmar International Ltd teamed up with the Central Kalimantan provincial governor and Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation in a tripartite agreement to turn the 4,000 hectares of pristine forest into a refuge for the 42 primates.

Illegal Med fishing claims up to two tons of swordfish per boat per day Inadequate controls and monitoring off Italian coast could lead to collapse of swordfish population in next three years, warn conservationists

Image: Swordfish auction, Spain, by José Antonio Gil Martínez

Ebola Puts Ghana’s Bush Meat Traders out of Work

In this photo taken on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, Yaa Kyerewaa waits for clients as she stands next to her makeshift bush meat shop at one of the largest local markets in Accra, Ghana. This “bush meat” was once considered a delicacy and fetched premium prices but Ebola has frightened away customers and it has been many days since Kyerewaa sold anything, so she cuts a sullen figure as she stands beside a pile of animal parts including the jaws of giant rodents, the hooves of wild pigs and snails. (AP Photo/Christian Thompson)

Cameroon-USA: Partnership buttressed extract: Ambassador Michael Hoza used to occasion to laud the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife for its efforts towards the protection of protected wildlife species. (NA comment: Yet another official choosing to reward failure to combat the illegal wildlife trade. Cameroon has a thriving and growing trade in illegal wildlife.

Q&A: Is alarm at merging Indonesia’s environment and forestry ministries justified?

Sea Turtle Headstarting: Conservation’s Fishy Business (Indonesia)

The largest biosphere reserve in Southeast Asia: Vietnam’s success story or a conservation failure? PART I

Pet trade likely responsible for killer salamander fungus

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo (Thailand) extract: The zoo also claims to have the largest tiger population in the world. (NA comment: We wonder why so many tigers when they must be extremely expensive to maintain and most visitors would be satisfied to see 5 or 6.

A Baby Chimpanzee Was Rescued From Poachers—Her Family Wasn’t So Lucky

Six suspects held for involvement in wildlife crime in three days (Nepal)

Karnataka, TN officials to meet in 10 days to discuss poaching issues (India)

Govt vows $38.6m grant to protect ‘gentle giants’ (Trinidad and Tobago)–to-protect-gentle-giants-281011452.html

Two rhino poachers killed (South Africa)

Rhino horn smugglers arrested and jailed (Nepal)

Fate of rosewood in question (Cambodia)

A showroom in China displaying rosewood furniture. China is one of the largest buyers of rosewood from Cambodia. EIA

India’s richest forests hit by road-building push

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