The battle of the chefs continues – Kampala’s hotel kitchens come alive


(Posted 04th November 2014)

Kampala’s leading hotels, while gearing up for the upcoming festive season with final preparations underway to publish their holiday programme, are now also increasingly partnering up with airlines and suppliers to bring ethnic foods to the city, often with chefs flown in or genuine spices and ingredients imported to make the experience entirely authentic.

Next in line is the Sheraton again, always making sure that gourmets and foodies never stray too far, with an Asian Night, supported by ‘flydubai’ and SABMiller’s local offspring Nile Breweries.

The Sheraton’s chefs, led by Sri Lankan national Danushka Kumara, will for this mini festival no doubt put all their combined skills together to produce dishes which will set the taste buds alight, including the colourful presentation travelers to the subcontinent and beyond have seen.

It will be dishes from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal which will feature on the 27th and 28th of November, allowing for a culinary journey of sorts to places where one otherwise might not reach. Music too will be authentic the hotel’s F&B team has promised as will be decorations and to top it all, guests are expected to wear Asian style outfits, no doubt having tongues wag after seeing what those on the next table are wearing and who was the most creative mind in creating a stylish appearance for the night.

And who knows, the hotel might even award those who look best, and who knows, the airline might even throw in a ticket for the winners of ‘best outfit’ if the marketing teams have their way.

What is encouraging to note though is the fact that such partnerships, like recently seen with the South African Wine Festival hosted by South African Airways, the Kampala Serena, Brown’s Cheese and others have begun to take root in Kampala’s hospitality industry and their respective clientele will no doubt reward their hosts with greater brand loyalty, which is what such activities ultimately is all about.

As to the upcoming festive season programmes, just watch this space to find out what special deals will be put on the market, accommodation packages, meals and entertainment all in equal measure, from the 24th of December’s Christmas carols to the wee hours of the 01st of January 2015.

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