No 256 Wildlife Trade News 5th November 2014

Your daily dose of bad news about the scourge
of poaching and the rising level of wildlife and
environmental crimes

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Illegal timber from the Amazon is on it’s way to Europe. Let’s stop it!

courtesy: Greenpeace

“Those who have the privilege to know

have the duty to act.”
Albert Einstein

and there are a lot of officials reading this whose duty it is to stop this illegal timber trade.

Are YOU one such person?

No 256 Wildlife Trade News 5th November 2014

Book detailing corruption allegations against Malaysian ruler moves forward

MACC eyes firms in big projects (Malaysia) NA comment: When they are done with the logging industry perhaps MACC will at last investigate those in government who are behind the illegal wildlife trade – MACC have been asked to plenty of times already. We long for the day when those responsible are finally held to account. CITES have had plenty of chances to punish Malaysia but has never had the guts to do so.)

Not so taken aback over turtle deaths (Malaysia)

Corruption and the role of politicians – Walter Sandosam (Malaysia) – See more at:

Japan presses China over coral poachers extract: Tokyo says more than 200 Chinese fishing boats have been poaching the coral, a valuable resource used in jewellery, off the Ogasawara and Izu island chains. NA comment: Time and again we see China one way or another ‘consuming’ the worlds wildlife and destroying environments across the globe. Do you see the Chinese government or CITES doing anything about this?Neither do we.

New Research Points to Vast Deforestation in Peru (NA comment: With their forest home destroyed wildlife is then either killed or captured.)

South Africa: Suspected Rhino Poachers Arrested At Phinda Game Reserve, Hluhluwe Area

Dubai Customs participates in seminar on countering illicit trade in Bahrain

Putting a price on wildlife extract: How can a rhinoceros horn be worth more money than cocaine, platinum, and gold?

Cambodia Feeds Booming Global Monkey Trade

CITES: HONDURAS Security stamps

EXCLUSIVE: Agarwood’s value is also its curse (Malaysia)

Police Seize Illegally Logged Teak (Thailand)

In Pakistan, Conservationists Fight To Save Endangered Indus Dolphins, Turtles

Smuggler held with pangolin scales?(India)–.html

Extremism, elephant poaching linked, says study (India)

Dog disease threatens Siberian tigers

Three held with rare snakes in Bengal

Botswana: Collective Response Can End Poaching

Tuna harvester trades vessel location data with WWF for free vessel tracking system

Brazil pushes Amazon to the ‘brink of the abyss’ scientists warn

No Illegal trading of elephants in Bihar cattle fair

Oil Palm: Not the Evil We Think It Is

It’s Conservationists vs. Oil and Militias in the Stunner Virunga

Jokowi Green on Environmental, Forestry Policies (Indonesia) Forest Beyond Trees: The change of government leaves environmental policy in limbo, but that won’t stop Indonesia’s REDD+ administrators and legislators from working toward their targets

4 held for bid to smuggle out red sandalwood

Vietnam to ban timber imports

For REDD+ Chief, a Chance to Catch Up on Pledges (Indonesia) ‘Great’ SBY: Senior official seethes at how long it took the previous president, notorious for his indecisiveness, to name board members for the agency in charge of administering $1 billion in deforestation-slowing programs

At Risk Lemurs are the Gardeners of Madagascar (VIDEO)
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Remains of 12 lions found in Senegal crackdown

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