Your flight is cancelled do flydubai passengers find out when reaching the aiport


(Posted 09th November 2014)

In what can only be termed a bad start for their flights twice a week to Kigali, which run as an extension of the daily flights to Entebbe, has flydubai according to tweets seen already started the shenanigans passengers dread the most. A flight got cancelled, with no notice, and passengers waiting at the airport were told that it was ‘rescheduled’ for a day later – the word rescheduled of course only a thinly masked attempt to make it look as normal as cancelled flights are never rescheduled but passengers rebooked on another flight – before this morning at 6 am passengers were informed / texted that there was now another delay with departure due for 4 pm.

Only a few weeks ago did the airline launch six destinations in East Africa, commencing daily flights to Entebbe with three of these flights routing on to Bujumbura and two on to Kigali, while in neighbouring Tanzania three new destinations were launched, Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar.

Times when @flydubai cancels flight from #KGL, no alert, re-schedules for 24hours later, then calls/SMS 6am Sunday w/another change.

@flydubai But worst really that if you switch airline you only get a damn voucher, no proper refund. Lowcost need better regulation

@flydubai #KGL downtown rep never reachable, so all other passengers came to and stranded at airport. Greeted inside by cancel msg

Questions were obviously raised swiftly with this correspondent on the punctuality record of the airline and their methods and procedures, if not outright tactics, how they deal with passengers in such a case. Also under scrutiny is the fact that the airline representative allegedly ignored calls, perhaps thinking that pulling a blind will spare him and his employers some added drama, a hope clearly not fulfilled when the matter went into the public domain.

Perhaps it is time to have the East African regulators take a leaf from the European regulators and impose certain minimum standards on the low cost carriers. That is hopefully happening before passengers take their grievance against the respective airlines letting them down to court and name the regulators as co-respondents for failing their public duty to ensure that passenger rights are upheld or else the guilty airlines fined accordingly and made to compensate affected travelers.

It is all nice to offer low fares but if the standards and ethics are then correspondingly low, THAT is not acceptable. Perhaps the price to pay for the frantic rollout pace into Eastern Africa, who knows.

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  1. I just got of a flydubai flight! Worst airline ever!!! We were 2 hours delayed and even though we were delayed the didn’t serve drinks or food, not even water without charging money.
    But even worse was the fact that u couldnt move your chairs, so that the can squeeze in even more seats and people into the plan. So u sit uncomftable in an upright position and u think lets watch a movie in the the screen in fron of you. But thats also not possible cause even for that you have to pay extra!
    Never fly with flydubai!

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