No 263 Wildlife Trade News 12th November 2014

The daily dose of bad news about the ongoing global poaching crisis, about wildlife and
environmental crimes from around the world

under the spotlight today ……………………

China flouts efforts to protect world’s wildlife extract: For two decades at least, Chinese consumer demand has been directly linked to the precipitous decline of wildlife populations around the globe. (NA COMMENT: It’s not as if we don’t all know this already, is it? A major problem is, the one authority who could punish China for its obsessive flouting of the law is CITES, but up to now neither the Standing Committee or the Secretariat have not done so despite plane loads of evidence year after year. In fairness to China, why would it stop it’s rampant illegal wildlife trade if there is no reason to fear any international repercussions? It’s farcical to think criminals will stop doing what makes them lots of money if they don’t fear the law and repercussions, isn’t it? What is it CITES people do not understand about this law of the jungle? After twenty or so years of hard evidence you’d think these civil servants would understand the cause of the problem, and deal with it, wouldn’t you?)

No 263 Wildlife Trade News 12th November 2014

Abe Takes Coral-Poaching Complaint Directly to Xi extract: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Tuesday he had urged Chinese President Xi Jinping to take action to rein in Chinese coral poachers operating in Japanese waters, …Read more:

Japan to raise fines for coral poaching to ¥30 million

Accessories made from red coral are seen on sale at a Shanghai shop on Wednesday. Chinese boats are suspected of poaching massive amounts of coral from the ocean around the Ogasawara Islands. | KYODO (NA comment: Chinese enforcement officials suffering from selective blindness?)



Three rhino carcasses found in Kunene EXTRACT: This discovery brings Namibia’s official total loss of rhinos to poachers this year to a record high of 18, including 15 black and three white rhino. Some claim the number could be higher. – See more at:

Interview: U.S. to partner China in assisting anti-poaching efforts in Africa: official

Govt to increase jurisdictional approach to tackling environmental problems. Indonesia

Palm oil continues to destroy Indonesia’s wildlife

The Last Place on Earth – Exposing the Threats to the Leuser (Sumatra)

Paper from illegally logged rainforest ‘could be on sale in Australia’

A photo Greenpeace says shows Asia Pacific Resources Holdings Limited destroying forest in Indonesia. Photograph: Ulet Ifansasti/Greenpeace

Jambi applies moratorium to stop deforestation (NA comment: More big talk followed by no action in Indonesia? It’s always been that way, so why would we expect this claim to be any different? Read elsewhere in the newsletter about Indonesia and Sumatra specifically.)

‘Militarized occupation’: local communities pay the price for palm oil – See more at:

Gorillas in the Crossfire

Shutting Down the Manta Trade (Indonesia)

The dehorning fiasco (India)

Australia boosts illegal logging fight as Rainforest Summit is launched (NA comment: More conference chatter – but lacking any real commitment?)

Kenya: Pastors Caught With Snake and Chameleon

Kenya: Two Found With 12.5kg Ivory Released On Sh 1 Million Bond

Solution to illegal logging is aid, not trade bans. Indonesia: NGO (NA comment: Before you wonder; you might want check out who said this and ask him who he is working for. BTW so much aid has been given to Indonesia and achieved – what, besides making a lot of people wealthy? Despite hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, have things got better or worse in Indonesia?)

Namibia: Etosha Receives 90 Staff Houses

Lawsons pulls both elephant ivory and rhino horns off the auction list after public uproar
Read more:

Vietnam, PNG seek help on logging

Two detained over illegal logging in Taita Taveta
Read more at:

Delay in transferring buffer zone could pose threat to Sahyadri tiger reserve

Call for immediate moratorium on forest clearing in Cameron Highlands MALAYSIA – Dionysius Sharma – See more at:

What will happen if we lose trees? Malaysia

Greenpeace raises alarm over illegal timber entering Europe (NA comment: This has been known for a long-time. Do you ever wonder why the EU bureaucrats reading this have done nothing to stop it? Let us hope INTERPOL will deal with the companies involed.) extract: Late last week, Greenpeace announced it had confronted a cargo ship approaching Rotterdam that contained timber destined for two Belgian companies, Lemahieu and Omniplex.

MPR speaker undergoes questioning in bribery cases (INDONESIA)

Only place where rhinos, tigers, elephants, and orangutans coexist is under threat

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