No 268 Wildlife Trade News 17th November 2014

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Melaka zoo animals: The walking dead? MALAYSIA

No 268 Wildlife Trade News 17th November 2014

Greenomics Report: Orangutan habitat under serious threats INDONESIA

photo: Nature Alert

EXTRACT:PT Mayawana Persada, a company whose shareholders include an FSC certificate holder, plans to clear orangutan habitat and HCV areas for the development of pulpwood plantation. (NA COMMENT: As we can see, despite promises, hundreds of reports/studies, countless conferences, hundreds of millions in foreign aid, it remains ‘business as usual’ in Indonesia.

Tanzania’s Masai face homeland eviction…so Dubai royals can hunt (NA comment: This, at a time when western countries are giving Tanzania shiploads of cash to save its fast-disappearing wildlife – from the Chinese and now Dubai royalty.)

who have the privilege to know

“Those who have the privilege to know

have the duty to act.”
Albert Einstein

Interpol launches first appeal for environmental fugitives International agency targets dangerous fugitives, suspected of environmental crimes worth hundreds of millions of dollars

Interpol wanted Operation Infra-Terra (top row from left to right): Adriano Giacobone, Adelin Lis, Bhekumusa Mawillis Shiba and Ben Simasiku; (bottom raw from left to right): Nicolaas Antonius Cornelis Maria Duindam, Ariel Bustamante Sanchez, Sergey Darminov and Feisal Mohamed Ali. Photograph: Interpol

Sarawak to announce more national parks in the state EXTRACT: "Enforcement officers are either, stupid, cowards or corrupt for allowing such thing to happen under their nose in broad daylight. I want this to stop," said Adenan.

Sarawak warns timber companies over illegal logging, as MACC probes industry – See more at:

‘Insane’ profits from farms in Camerons MALAYSIA extract: KUALA LUMPUR: PROFITS from illicit farming in Cameron Highlands is so insane that authorities fear it will be an uphill battle to stop the illegal clearing of government land and forests in the highlands.

Giraffes now top of poachers hit list TANZANIA

Malaysian species join Pacific bluefin tuna heading towards extinction – See more at:

Greenpeace investigation prompts Belgian authorities to seize timber shipment

Kenya wildlife areas of Lewa and Ol Pejeta honoured by the IUCN

Born Free’ donate anti-poaching equipment to Meru National Park

Leopardess Trapped in Snare Dies, Causes Serious Concern INDIA

Protest underway in Aberdeen against use of big cats in the circus (SCOTLAND)

18 Tanzanian herders arrested inside Tsavo National park with 2,500 cattle – See more at:

Zambia: Climate Change Impact On Zambian Elephants

Endangered plants to get protection under wildlife law India

Prince William recruits Angry Birds to protect wildlife

Hunting club may cancel endangered rhino hunt

Six gecko lizards missing from Assam zoo

Former Perhilitan top man gets recognition MALAYSIA

Borneo’s industry-environment balancing act

Deforestation in Indonesia has led some to demand tighter standards for the multi-billion-dollar industry.

Sashimi trend helps edge Pacific bluefin tuna towards extinction

21 Lions Have Been Rescued From Circuses All Over Peru With Support From British Organization ADI

Rescued lions "Rolex" (L) and "Chino", are seen in their cages during quarantine at a temporary custody centre in Lima. Reuters/Enrique Castro-Mendivil

Zambia: Man Fined for Illegal Ammo

Elephants and Other Wildlife Rely on the World’s Protected Areas

500 scimitar-horned oryx to be introduced to Chad game reserve

Africa: Wildlife Crime Requires African Solutions, Governments in the Region Say

4 nabbed over mukula logs ZAMBIA

Over 20,000 plant and animal species, including NSW native black grass-dart butterfly, under threat of extinction, report warns

Great Indian Bustard nears extinction

India launches geospatial system to make forest management more transparent

RAISINA TATTLE: Environment ministry on a clearance spree INDIA
Read more:

Foreign airlines are complaining about the illegal wildlife escape airport INDONESIA

Google translation extract only

Susie said a flight from Kuwait to Cengkareng nomot KU416 flight on June 15 , there are four large suitcases that passed the " check point " , " loading " and to be incorporated into the aircraft .

"Officers suspect , these four large suitcases contents of what , why not put the cabin to the cargo , plus the owner of panic , " he said .

When disassembled , the fourth suitcase containing 98 snakes with different types , four monkeys , an orangutan , three birds with various types .

Apparently , he continued, in the suitcase fitted oxygen cylinders , " plastic fruit " , ice and bottled mineral water .

Other instances , the flight number MH724 with the aim of France on June 9 which contains 24 species of birds.

" It’s worse , in the oxygen- depleted air , so that the bird was noisy , until the end when it was all dismantled , " he said .

Top of Form

International Animal Rescue Foundation World Action South Africa

November 15 ·

These are elephants trunks – these trunks were obviously attached to six elephants that innocently wandered onto a sugar plantation.

Because of their curiosity they were hacked to pieces.

Observations of these trunks show they are African not Asian. The story to this remains sketchy and there is more to this than meets the eye. We have a very strong suspicion these are elephants killed for the meat trade rather than wandering onto a sugar plantation.

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