Breaking news that Seychelles will finally be admitted to the WTO as IORA meeting goes underway on Mahe


(Posted 19th November 2014)

In less than a month, on the 11th of December, is the World Trade Organization expected to formally accept the Seychelles as a new member country when WTO holds its annual meeting.

The Seychelles Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment Pierre Laporte confirmed this yesterday and explained that the archipelago is ready for this giant leap after preparing for several years to meet all the various requirements for membership in the global trade club.

Once the notice of acceptance has been received by the Seychelles’ government will the cabinet then formally submit their request to the National Assembly for formal ratification, expected to be done expeditiously.

The Seychelles has gone through challenging times since the global economic and banking crisis in 2008 and undertaken a tough structural adjustment programme under IMF guidance, one of the country’s milestones in changing economic policies which marked the way of doing business in the old Seychelles before successfully emerging as the new Seychelles when the reform programmes took hold and showed success.

Joining the World Trade Organization is completing the Seychelles’ presence on all internationally relevant economic and political platforms and congratulations are in order to the government of President James Alix Michel for this upcoming accomplishment.

Meanwhile is the Indian Ocean Rim Association meeting of tourism ministers going underway tomorrow at the new Savoy Hotel in Beau Vallon Bay, on the main island of Mahe to discuss a range of burning issues and to coordinate responses and an action plan to further use the tourism industry as a locomotive of economic development, to attract foreign investment, create employment and earn much needed foreign exchange.

Said host minister Alain St. Ange: ‘The Ministerial Meeting is expected to endorse recommendations of the IORA Experts’ Sessions on Emerging Markets and Networking to increase competitiveness and market promotion on the Indian Ocean Tourism and Travel Perspectives. Points expected to be discussed also are: Maximizing Regional Development through Sustainable Tourism – Green Tourism, Bridging the gap between tourism and aviation policies – Air connectivity between the islands and Developing Cruise Tourism in the Indian Ocean’.

What better place to do this but in the Seychelles, where tourism is the number one economic activity before fishing and trade and where the wellbeing of the entire nation depends on the regular flow of visitors to the island.

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