No 270 Wildlife Trade News 19th November 2014

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Report condemns widespread abuse of tigers in China zoos

No 270 Wildlife Trade News 19th November 2014


Have you seen a statement from

Mr Scanlon or Mr Storkersen,

concerning the ivory shipment from Tanzania

to China on board the President of China’s jet?




“Those who have the privilege to know

have the duty to act.”
Albert Einstein

Chinese Embassy Officials Accused of Smuggling Tons of Ivory on Xi’s Presidential Plane

(Photo : Reuters) Tanzanian women bid farewell to Chinese President Xi Jinping in front of the presidential plane in 2013. A damning new report accuses members of Xi’s delegation of smuggling thousands of pounds of ivory back into China on that same plane during the goodwill visit.
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……..immediately enact Rule 19 of the Standing Committee’s procedural rules on this page of the Convention’s website

“Notice of meetings shall normally be given by the

Secretariat at least 75 days, and in case of emergency

meetings at least 14 days, in advance of the meeting.

………and call an EMERGENCY MEETING to discuss CITES response to this

most alarming report and the still out of control trade in ivory and rhino horn?

It can’t wait until next August, can it? Please give the elephants and rhinos a fighting chance of survival: Will you? It’s not much to ask, is it? It’s a question of life or death for the elephants and rhinos.

Elephants are being wiped out, but not enough people seem to care Progress on wildlife poaching is slow because there is little public pressure. Let’s hope Interpol’s ‘most wanted’ eco criminals list will help

extract: “The silence is deafening.”

$1mln ivory stolen from vault in Uganda, 5 officials suspended

No One Kills Elephants If No One Buys Ivory, So Yao Ming Asks China to Stop

(Photo: Kristian Schmidt/WildAid)

Will Tanzania sell Masai homelands to a Dubai corporation? The Tanzanian government seems to be moving ahead with a deal to sell 600 square miles of land to a UAE luxury safari company, but that land is currently home to thousands of Masai pastoralists.

Brunei woos tourists with rainforest (NA comment: While next door Sabah sells its forest to loggers and palm oil companies)

40,000 Maasai kicked off land to make Gulf royals private playground

Kenya: Arrest All Herders in Tsavo – Ranchers

Study shows India’s 10 famous bird habitats are in serious danger

Annual catch of Atlantic bluefin tuna to rise 20%

Texas hunter waits for word on rhino safari

SMS alerts cut deaths caused by elephants (video)

Two poachers held. INDIA

Palm Oil Industry Threatens Indonesian Biodiversity

Sarawak CM lauded for stern warning on state illegal logging

After Adenan’s timber warning, PKR wants allegations in book probed – See more at:

Japan to expand its Antarctic whaling area

Allegations of wildlife trade at Sonepur fair, govt denies

Activist murders raise doubts over Peru’s deforestation goals – See more at:

In Kenya, Justice Catches Up With Elephant Poacher

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon surges 450 percent, says environmental group

Degradation of forest cover is a threat -Forestry Commission. GHANA

Study: Polar bears disappearing from key region–Polar-bears-disappearing-from-key-region-?instance=secondary_story_bullets_left_column

Total protected areas in Sabah the largest in Malaysia

Ali Hamsa: MACC free to act against rogue Cameron Highlands officers. MALAYSIA – See more at:

Peru: indigenous leaders murdered for protecting their forests

Endangered: Seasonal massacre

Mass-hunting of the houbara starts in Balochistan with the commencement of winter by Arab dignitaries. CREATIVE COMMONS

Africa’s Wild: Eco Warriors Don’t Count on Hope

Manta parts worth $615 million to Indonesian tourism industry intercepted

VIDEO: Costa Rican officials present new evidence of alleged damage to its territory by Nicaraguan workers

Op Tukul: Logging firm supervisor fined, jailed 45 days for bribery SARAWAK / MALAYSIA

TI-Malaysia lauds Sarawak war on illegal logging

Less than 24 hours & Adenan already FLIP-FLOPPING ON CORRUPTION! SARAWAK / MALAYSIA

Sitting pretty – timber tycoon, Shin Yang’s Ling Chiong Sieng’s, Miri Mansion
Full article:–adenan-already-flip-flopping-on-corruption&Itemid=2#ixzz3JUiDafc8

Greed and selfishness are destroying Mother Nature MALAYSIA

Structural reforms needed to combat illegal logging — See. MALAYSIA
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Will Sarawak CM walk the talk?

Burning an ecological treasure to extinction. INDONESIA

Governor piles more allegations on Zulkifli. INDONESIA

Disappearing oasis: northeastern India losing forests as people move in

Illegal wildlife trade by international crime cartels driving endangered species to brink of extinction